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Simulation Fellowship and Visiting Scholars Program

The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) Simulation Fellowship and Visiting Scholars Program in simulation-based healthcare education is designed to provide learners with the skills necessary to develop, implement, manage, and assess healthcare simulation-based programs. The curriculum for this primarily non-clinical program is customized to meet the needs of the learner, ideally during a 6-12 month visit, or longer as desired. The learner experiences most aspects of healthcare simulation-based education, advancing their skills as an instructor, debriefer and leader of healthcare simulation-based activities.

Shorter periods of scholarship can be arranged as suits the needs of the learner on a case-by-case basis.

Applicant Qualifications

Nursing or medical degrees equivalent to the RN, NP, CNM, MD or DO degrees awarded in the US, or other allied health professions degrees, with a minimum of two years in clinical practice and high motivation to pursue advanced training in simulation-based healthcare education.

A record of achievement in healthcare education, as provided by letters of reference, publications, teaching evaluations, or prior specialized training or experience in medical education is desired, but not required.


For information, please contact
Gary M. Rossi, C.O.O.
(617) 726-3041

Application and Interview Information

Applicants should submit Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement (1-2 pages), and 3 letters of recommendation (1 from Program Director or Immediate Supervisor) to:

Roxane Gardner MD MPH DSc
Director, Simulation Fellowship and Visiting Scholars Program
(617) 726-3133

Before applying, you may contact Dr. Gardner to discuss your interests and seek additional information about the program.