Center for Medical Simulation (CMS)

100 First Avenue, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02129-2011
Phone: 617-726-3034
Fax: 617-726-3046
Email: info@harvardmedsim.org
Website: https://www.harvardmedsim.org

Meet CMS' Principal Faculty

In these videos, CMS' Principal Faculty describe how healthcare simulation at CMS can transform a healthcare team’s ability to provide optimal patient care.

Please note: The videos may take a few moments to load.

Dan Raemer, PhD, Senior Director of Clinical Programs and Director of Research and Development, introduces CMS’ innovative and ground-breaking approach to healthcare simulation.

CMS' Founder and Executive Director, Jeffrey Cooper, PhD, identifies how simulation can promote the fundamental goals of patient care.

Jenny Rudolph, PhD, CMS' Senior Director of IMS, discusses how teamwork and individual reactions among healthcare professionals are central to CMS' pioneering research agenda.

The role of debriefing in simulation training, explains Senior Director of Educational Leadership and International Programs, Robert Simon, EdD, is central to the value of participants' learning experience at CMS.

Co-director of CMS' obstetrics simulation program, Roxane Gardner, MD explains how improved communication through simulation can ultimately improve the readiness and performance of a delivery room team.

A practitioner’s ability to develop a comprehensive view of a medical situation, clarifies Toni Waltzer, MD, co-director of CMS' obstetrics simulation, can be critical to the quality of a health care team’s interventions.