Center for Medical Simulation (CMS)

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Boston, MA 02129-2011
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Email: info@harvardmedsim.org
Website: https://www.harvardmedsim.org

Consulting and Customized Services

Drawing on our years of experience, CMS is happy to help your organization address specific challenges around simulation and setting up your own simulation program.

The flexible clinical facility at CMS may be used as a film studio for education, marketing, or creative purposes. CMS has the space, equipment and expertise to outfit the environments of operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments, and other clinical facilities. CMS may be rented as a photographic or film setting for extended periods of time without interfering with patient care.

2 - 3 hours
CMS offers live, interactive videoconferencing of simulated clinical situations that demonstrate and explore teamwork and crisis management. While not a substitute for actual training, this can be a great way to expose a larger group to the principles, benefits and possibilities of simulation, while additionally reviewing models of strong teamwork. Scenarios are customized to each audience's interests and background.

A typical program combines:

  • A live simulation on a large screen with audience participation
  • Debriefing of the event depicted
  • A didactic presentation about simulation or related topic
  • One on-site CMS moderator in addition to a clinical team that performs the simulationat the CMS facility.

CMS staff and faculty are often invited to speak at conferences and other gatherings. Their passion, knowledge and experience are palpable and inspiring.


These programs are available by arrangement and scheduled on a space-available basis.
For more information, including pricing, contact:
Gary M. Rossi, C.O.O..
(617) 726-3041