Circle Up

Adaptive Teams | Resilient Staff | Safe Patients

A supportive system of work-based briefing, peer check-ins, and debriefing to boost clarity, coordination, and resilience in your healthcare workforce.

Program Details

When our strictly designed and organized hospitals crash into an ever-changing and uncertain environment there are unintended negative consequences—stress and burnout, inefficiency, and increased risks for patients and caregivers.  Circle Up equips your organization to turn challenges into efficient responses while supporting your irreplaceable workforce.

Our team supports you to smoothly and quickly integrate Circle Up into your existing workflow.

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Circle Up Activities


Circle Up briefings promote clarity of purpose and action to support safe care, adaptability and the well-being of the workforce.

  • Introduce and encourage questions and concerns
  • Update on process and protocol
    • Mental rehearsals of new routines
    • Reflective Q&A
  • Update on well-being features and adaptations
  • Mobilize teams to use peer check-ins
  • Invite to debriefing at end of day, shift or care episode

Peer Check-Ins

Informal healing behaviors used to check-in with colleagues while at work.

  • Notice colleagues in need
  • Check-in with all team members
  • Recognize and appreciate contributions
  • Listen and offer support
  • Talk2support can guide supportive conversations
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Circle Up debriefings promote positive-minded sharing and adaptation around challenges and successes related to the work of the day, shift or care episode.

  • Introduce the activity
  • Encourage sharing of experiences, questions, and concerns
  • Recognize group’s contributions to well-being of patients and coworkers.
  • Facilitate collection of successes and challenges
  • Organize and support exploration of root causes to challenges
  • Facilitate development (or initiation) of solutions and adaptations
  • Offer uplifting summaries and action plans

* Talk2Support is a joint project between CMS and The Debriefing Academy.



Circle Up creates a beating heart and circulation of adaptive conversation, problem-solving, and exchange of information between shifts and among teams, so that the learning of the moment becomes the learning of the organization.


Circle Up Workflows

Circle Up Webinar

This webinar will introduce a system for communication that supports both staff resilience and sustainable excellence in care delivery.


We work with your team to make Circle Up a sustainable and natural part of your organization.

To find out more about how you can implement this program in your organization, please contact:
Chris Roussin, PhD
Mary Fey, PhD, RN

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