Center for Medical Simulation (CMS)

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Boston, MA 02129-2011
Phone: 617-726-3034
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Email: info@harvardmedsim.org
Website: https://www.harvardmedsim.org

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the different course offerings at CMS?

CMS offers four types of patient care simulation experiences.

  • Simulation Instructor Training: offered by our Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS), serves those who want to develop and maintain high-quality simulation programs within their organizations. Read more about our Simulation Instructor Training course offerings.
  • Clinical Training: consider both the clinical and behavioral aspects of performance, focusing on crisis management and error prevention. Topics include leadership, teamwork, effective communication, resource management and performance enhancement. Read more about our Clinical Training courses.
  • Leadership and Management Training: known as Healthcare Adventures (HCA), these team-training workshops are for healthcare leadership and management teams. Teams can range from 6-12 participants and courses last up to a full day. Read more about our Leadership and Management Training workshops.
  • Custom-designed Training: can be developed according to the needs of your organization. This may include videoconferencing for larger groups, lectures or other formats that meet your requirements. Read more about Customized Services.

For whom is each course designed?

On this website, each course description specifies its target audience. General focus groups are described below.

  • Simulation Instructor Training: courses offer training to directors, principal faculty, and instructors of current or prospective simulation programs. The Comprehensive Instructor Workshop include a subtrack for simulation specialists and simulation technicians as requested. All participants in the Advanced Instructor courses must have completed the Comprehensive Instructor Workshop or Simulation as a Teaching Tool Workshop. Read more about our Simulation Instructor Training courses.
  • Clinical Training: courses are designed for individuals and teams across the healthcare field. Physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, educators, and leaders have all benefited from expanding their skills and collaboration through simulation. We regularly schedule courses in anesthesiology, obstetrics and surgery environments. We have clinical courses for a multitude of other specialties which are scheduled upon request. Read more about our Clinical Training courses.
  • Leadership and Management Training: Healthcare Adventures (HCA) courses focus on leadership and management teams across the healthcare field. Each course is designed to fit the participating team. Read more about our Leadership and Management Training workshops.

How do I find out if there is space in a course?

The availability of each course is updated on the respective course date page unless otherwise noted.

How do I sign up for a course?

Follow the links below to the respective applications pages:

Does CMS do group tours?

We are happy to conduct tours and introduce simulation and our facility. You are welcome to contact Gary M. Rossi, C.O.O. at (617) 726-3041 or grossi@harvardmedsim.org if you are interested in visiting CMS. Tour availability is dependent on our course and staff schedule. Tours in excess of two hours will incur charges.

What time should I be there and at what time will the course finish?

Typically we ask attendees to arrive at 7:30AM for their course. You will receive further information about your course as the starting date approaches.

How do I get to CMS?

You can take a taxi, the MBTA, a Partners Hospital shuttle, or drive your own vehicle to CMS. Please see our directions page for more detailed information.

Are there any hotels nearby?

There are several hotels within walking distance of CMS. Please see our Nearby Accommodations page for a list.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

The Center for Medical Simulation generally provides all the materials you will need. Should anything additional be required, you will be informed by CMS as the starting date of your course approaches.

When should I expect my CME credits for attending?

CME credits are only available for the following courses:

The CRICO/RMF of the Harvard Medical Institutions process credits for physicians who have completed courses at the Center for Medical Simulation. This takes approximately three months. You will receive a certificate in the mail when your credits have been processed.

Nurses, Midwives, and other healthcare providers will receive a "Certificate of Attendance" with credit hours that may be converted to CEs or CEUs. Massachusetts-licensed nurses can find information about converting CME to CEU at this Mass.gov site. Nurses from other states should check with their respective State Board or credentialing body for guidance on this process.

Do you offer any scholarships or group discounts on CMS courses?

No group rates are available for Simulation Instructor Training or Clinical Training courses. Special rates may be offered to non-profit organizations that engage in Leadership and Management Training Healthcare Adventures (HCA) courses.

You may also be able to access funds through your professional association or discounts from your insurance provider.

How do I pay for my course?

The Center for Medical Simulation accepts payment by credit card, wire transfer, money order or cashier’s check in US dollars. Personal checks are not accepted. You will be receiving an invoice via email from Rhonda Young. Your payment is due immediately upon receipt. If you would like to pay by credit card there is a link in your invoice that you can click on, or paste into a browser, that will take you to a page on our website where you can make your payment. If would like to make payment by any other method please contact Rhonda Young at ryoung@harvardmedsim.org.

Most problems paying by credit card are due to using an older version of the Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox browsers. Also, some organizations may block your ability to pay for services online. If you encounter problems, try updating your browser and/or paying from your home computer. If you are still having problems, please contact us at info@harvardmedsim.org.