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CMS Affiliate Program

Take Your Simulation Program to the Next Level

Over the past decade, the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) has worked closely with a select group of international healthcare organizations committed to developing the full potential of their simulation programs. Organizations attaining this status are referred to as Affiliates of the Center for Medical Simulation. A CMS Affiliation goes beyond traditional consulting. It is a planned multi-year relationship whereby the Affiliate organization is given unique access to the skills, advice and experience of the CMS team comprised of international leaders in the field of simulation. A field that our pioneering faculty helped to develop and grow worldwide. As a CMS Affiliate, you have our full commitment to help you achieve your goals and become a true Center of Simulation Excellence.

As an Affiliate you will receive:

  • Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Access to CMS Faculty and Staff
  • Use of CMS Clinical Course Material
  • Use of Simulation Instructor Course Material
  • Faculty Development Assistance
  • Direct One-on-One Consulting Services
  • Preferential Clinical and Instructor Course Access
  • Fellowships at CMS

To find out more about how you can take your Simulation Program to the next level contact:
Gary M. Rossi, C.O.O..
(617) 726-3041

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