Leadership and Management Training

Healthcare Adventures® (HCA)

Unique workshops for diverse groups

The Center for Medical Simulation's Healthcare Adventures (HCA) are customized, intensive team-training workshops for leadership and management teams across the healthcare spectrum that combine customized team challenges with a novel team-building model.

Improve Decision-Making, Productivity and Overall Team Performance

Designed to improve individual and team performance by developing collaboration and communication, the HCA workshops use a simulated patient experience in a highly realistic clinical environment to highlight a team’s dynamics in a powerful, but non-threatening fashion. Non-clinicians actually get the chance to care for a patient and experience real-life issues first hand, and clinicians are challenged to think like healthcare administrators and executives. The experience is truly an eye-opener!

Customized Team Training Workshops

CMS faculty and professional facilitators work with the team before the simulation, discussing objectives and expectations, and again after the simulation, identifying important interactions, key learnings and actionable strategies. This allows the group to turn learning into action immediately, by working on a real-world project with the help and support of the CMS facilitators. Depending on their needs, teams can draw on a variety of follow-up support mechanisms and training to advance their learning and performance. Topics include teamwork, effective communication, resource management, performance enhancement and patient safety.

Teams of 6 to 10 people get the most from the HCA workshop.

Workshops include:

  • Consultation between the team leader and a CMS facilitator prior to the workshop
  • Team pre-briefing on simulation objectives and strategies
  • Customized team challenge in the simulated clinical environment
  • Debriefing and discussion to identify important interactions and to develop actionable strategies for implementation
  • Facilitated work session to apply new strategies to an existing project (i.e., budget negotiations, product development and pipeline strategy)
  • Report from CMS facilitator
  • Follow-up between the CMS facilitator and the team leader

For leadership and management teams (non-clinicians or mixed groups)

Our workshops provide an invaluable opportunity for non-clinicians to receive hands-on experience as a member of a high-performance team on the front lines of healthcare delivery. The experience is ideal for groups in the following areas of healthcare and medicine:

  • Hospital and health plan administration
  • Risk management and patient safety
  • Healthcare education
  • Philanthropic foundations
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Medical litigation
  • Medical devices
  • Drug delivery


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