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Podcasts from the CMS Team

COVID Chronicles
COVID Chronicles with Jenny Rudolph is a just-in-time podcast checking in with friends and colleagues from the front lines of healthcare, the home front, and other unique perspectives on learning and connecting in the time of coronavirus.

DJ Simulationistas… ‘Sup?
On DJ Simulationistas… Sup? Janice Palaganas and Dan Raemer, CMS faculty and thought leaders in the field of healthcare simulation, discuss the pressing issues in the field, interview expert guests, tell jokes, and dissemble on a variety of topics.

Brief Debriefings
Brief Debriefings are short conversations with CMS faculty, friends, and alumni of our courses about the problems they are facing in healthcare and simulation, and how they’re working on and moving forward their work. Listen for a taste of the CMS debriefing method.

Critical Conversations with Mary Fey
Many educators struggle with how to help their learners achieve high standards of practice while also maintaining a caring relationship with them. The new book by Sue Gross Forneris and Mary Fey, Critical Conversations: The NLN Guide for Teaching Thinking teaches how to grapple with this problem in three arenas: clinical teaching, simulation teaching, and classroom teaching.

CMS Book Club
In the long running CMS Book Club, now recorded for public consumption, members of the CMS team and faculty discuss new and old books touching on the realms of difficult conversations, learning and feedback, management, and critical care.

Janice Palaganas, Kirsty Freeman, and Marcus Rall discuss their failures in simulation and the lessons they’ve learned from them in this limited series of eight episodes.

Podcasts from Friends of CMS

The Short Coat Podcast