CMS Affiliate Program

Multiyear ALPS and Simulation-Specific Affiliations

Over the past decade, the Center for Medical Simulation’s (CMS) Applied Learning for Performance and Safety (ALPS) Team has worked closely with a select group of international healthcare organizations committed to developing the full potential of their applied learning and simulation programs. These organizations are referred to as “Affiliates.” A CMS affiliation goes far beyond traditional consulting. It is a planned multi-year relationship whereby the Affiliate organization is guided to achieve its goals through staged implementation of the ALPS and/or simulation framework(s) into the organization—either in whole or in part. Affiliates include both health systems and health professions schools and have our full commitment toward becoming centers of excellence in the application of applied learning and simulation.

Program History

Over its more than 30 years of existence, CMS has come to enjoy an international reputation as a creative, energetic, and agile institution. CMS is interested in leveraging leading edge, breakthrough ideas and practices by partnering with other forward-thinking institutions. The Affiliate Program was created to meet these goals and to further CMS‘ mission of improving healthcare culture and patient safety worldwide.

Affiliate Commitment

CMS through its ALPS program partners with committed organizations, including health systems, hospitals and health professions schools. Affiliate organizations pay a negotiated fee for each year of the affiliation. Organizations that join the Affiliate Program must also be willing to commit the time (3-5 years) and resources (leadership and involved team members) required to achieve organizational goals.

As a first step in every affiliation, we co-create a strategic vision and develop a staged plan to execute that vision. The ALPS Team assigns an affiliation leader to work directly with the corresponding affiliate leader and associated core team. Services include advising, strategic plan development, implementation planning, workshops, faculty development, leadership coaching, and other customized services.

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