Clinical Training

+ Challenging, highly realistic simulation training with a focus on communication collaboration and crisis management.
+ Workshops available for Anesthesia/MOCA®, Labor & Delivery, Emergency Medicine, Surgery and others upon request.

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Simulation Instructor Training

+ Workshops for simulation leaders, educators and researchers who want to develop/maintain high-quality medical simulation programs.
+ Courses available at CMS in Boston and at locations throughout the world.

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CMS Affiliate Program

+Take your Simulation Program to the “Next Level” by becoming a CMS Affiliate.
+ Direct one-on-one consulting with CMS management, faculty and staff.
+ Assistance with strategic planning, program and faculty development.
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Leadership & Management Training

+ Unrivalled performance enhancing experiences for any leadership, management or administrative group involved in healthcare.
+ Identify group strengths, capitalize on them or identify barriers to effective teamwork and tackle them while completing a real life group project.

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Usability Testing

+ Perform product evaluations and other studies of user interfaces, acceptance, training or elements in a highly realistic, controlled clinical environment.
+ CMS has the space, equipment and expertise to create nearly any practice setting and clinical scenario that device manufacturers need to effectively assess their product designs.

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Using Simulation to Improve Safety, Quality and Education in Healthcare

The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) provides world-class healthcare simulation for a broad spectrum of providers and applications. Hands-on simulation helps teams and individuals develop preparedness and insight that is best learned and practiced in realistic conditions. CMS was one of the world's first healthcare simulation centers and continues to be a global leader in the field. CMS is approved by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) as a Level 1-Accredited Educational Institute, and is endorsed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).

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CMS News

Dan Raemer & Janice Palaganas Present the Big Dilemmas of IPE

  Dan Raemer and Janice Palaganas will be presenting the closing keynote speech at the Spring Simulation User Network (SUN) Conference in San Diego,...

CMS Simulation Apprentice is the New Simulation Operations Manager at Maine Medical

The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS)  congratulates Mike Shepherd, former Operations Director at HealthSim United in Wichita, Kansas on becoming the new Simulation Operations Manager at...

CMS Needs Your Support

CMS is one of the oldest and most respected organizations in healthcare simulation with a team of faculty who are internationally recognized as being among the best teachers in simulation. We need your donation to expand this cadre of "teachers-of-the-teachers" and to continue to develop and disseminate new leveraged programs to keep our community of learners advancing their skills and the skills of their learners.