High Realism Usability Testing

High Realism Usability Testing

About CMS

The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) is all about improving patient safety. Since 1993, we’ve used high realism medical simulation to teach surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare providers from Harvard’s affiliated teaching hospitals and elsewhere how to reduce medical errors and provide safer patient care. We also use this same technology in combination with our unique skill at creating highly realistic clinical environments to help companies evaluate their medical technologies and train clinicians in their use.

Why use high realism simulation for evaluating medical products?

We’ve learned that doing evaluations in environments that mimic the real clinical world in which a device is used is a more effective way to discover use errors that would otherwise only be identified during clinical trials or in post-market surveillance. At CMS, we excel at designing clinical environments and simulation scenarios that replicate situations more likely to reveal use errors. While no one can identify all of the ways that mistakes can be made, high realism simulation is a way to do it better while learning more about a product’s usability faster. The end result is lower risk to patients. Once you’ve seen a high realism simulation environment with clinical scenarios designed for a medical device evaluation, it all seems obvious.

Why use CMS?

Whether you need to evaluate your device in a routine or crisis medical practice setting such as an operating room, intensive care unit, emergency department or patient room, we have the space, equipment and experience to create the setting and scenarios you need. And, we have the expert technical staff and audiovisual technology to deliver a high-end digital record with multiple camera angles, closeups and quality sound that our clients find invaluable in helping to efficiently identify and assess use errors. We can even provide secure web-viewing in real time for your engineering staff to save them from traveling.

Shouldn’t you be using high realism simulation to effectively evaluate your medical device?

The FDA now requires that infusion devices be tested under more realistic conditions before using them in a clinical evaluation. It makes sense to do that. If you’d like to do the same with your infusion technology or almost any other medical device that can involve use errors, we’d like to help you do that.

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