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Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop

An Introduction to Debriefing with Good Judgment ©

Course Details

For healthcare educators

  • Credits Earned
    Eligible Credits
    Depends on host site
  • Course Duration
    Course Duration
    1 Day

The Center for Medical Simulation’s Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop introduces healthcare education faculty to the foundational practices of the Debriefing with Good Judgment© method of debriefing. This innovative workshop is an immersive, daylong, learning experience that builds debriefing skills through repeated practice with coaching from debriefing experts.

Participant Comments:

“The knowledge and passion for debriefing and helping others improve was evident with all faculty.”
“Very applicable to simulation, practice, and all areas of life.”
“Great interprofessional work, safe environment, loved working with colleagues outside my comfort zone.”

Highlights & Benefits

Designed for the busy healthcare educator with limited time, the Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop:

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to efficiently improve future performance
  • Learn how to set high standards while holding high regard for the learner
  • Treat learners as thinkers and not just doers
  • Practice various debriefing phases

The Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop is intended to be an introduction to the Debriefing with Good Judgment method of debriefing and can serve as a gateway to CMS’ multi-day Simulation Instructor Training Programs held at CMS in Boston and around the world. The Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop will be facilitated by a lead CMS faculty member and a team of talented co-facilitators who have been trained by CMS.

Additional Details for Nursing Programs

Nursing programs whose faculty attend the Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop will be able to provide evidence of meeting the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) guidelines by demonstrating that:

  • There is a commitment on the part of the school for their simulation program, as evidenced by budgetary planning for faculty training.
  • Lead faculty and simulation lab personnel are qualified to conduct simulation, as evidenced by the certificate of completion that will be awarded at the completion of the workshop.


If you have any questions regarding this course or would like to host this course at your institution, please Contact Us.

Equipment Requirements:

This workshop is a hybrid of in-person and optional online exercises on the CMS Virtual Campus.
facilitated by one or more instructors. The workshop begins with a one day in-person workshop followed by online activities. With input from faculty and peers, you prepare and submit assignments on your own schedule over the course of a two-week period following the in-person workshop through an online course website called the CMS Virtual Campus. Instructions for accessing the CMS Virtual Campus site are sent to participants once tuition is received.
In order to participate in the optional online activities, each person must have:

  • Their own computer
  • Reliable high-speed internet access (minimum 3 Mbps upload/download speed)
  • Microphone and speakers (built-in, headset or from webcam)
  • Webcam or other video recording device (i.e. tablet, mobile phone, video recorder)

Application Process

Please click on the application link or email address provided for that workshop location. Please note that host sites set their own application process and tuition.

For courses with an in-person workshop held at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston, complete the online application form (no other information is needed).For courses with an in-person workshop held at locations other than the Center for Medical Simulation, please click on the application link provided for that workshop location. Please note that host sites set their own application process and tuition, which may differ from that of workshops held at CMS.