Simulation Instructor Training

Online Instructor Training

Highlights & Benefits

Online, web-based training allows participants to have interactive experiences with our faculty on particular topics without the hassle and cost of travel. The Center for Medical Simulation currently offers synchronous (live) webinars to allow for real-time engagement. Plans are underway for additional online workshops and modules that may be synchronous, asynchronously self-paced or facilitated, or a combination.

Online Debriefing Skills Refresher Course

The Center for Medical Simulation’s Online Debriefing Skills Refresher Course provides a way for CMS’ Simulation Instructor Training alumni to refresh and continue to develop their debriefing skills. Over a 6 week period of time, participants will engage in a variety of online learning activities to refresh skills related to advocacy-inquiry, structuring a multi-phase debriefing discussion, and prebriefing. Based on both peer mentoring and faculty feedback, the course offers a variety of ways to build on skills acquired during our in-person courses.

Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH) Rater Training Workshop

Debriefing clinical simulation experiences is widely understood as a crucial step in clarifying and consolidating insights and lessons from simulations. The Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH) is designed to assist in evaluating and developing faculty debriefing and instructional skills. The DASH is a widely used instrument with known psychometric properties. It is designed to be applied in a variety of healthcare disciplines and simulation settings and can be used for summative or formative evaluation. This intensive immersion provides an overview of the six elements to an effective debriefing as defined by the DASH before moving into three rating cycles. Attendees join a growing community of DASH-trained raters who are positioned as leaders in the field.

This is an online course facilitated by one or more instructors. The course is primarily delivered via Adobe Connect Pro, a web conferencing platform. All materials and course interactions will occur online.

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    Course Duration
    4 hours
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    Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the DASH Rater's Handbook. This familiarity is vital to becoming a skilled DASH rater capable of reaching the high degree of inter-rater reliability attained in other sessions. Familiarizing yourself with the instrument will take 1½-2 hours.

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    • Attendee $425 USD