Simulation as a Teaching Tool


Course Details

Training for simulation educators who seek to create high-quality healthcare simulation programs

  • Credits Earned
    Eligible Credits
    Depends on Host Site
  • Course Duration
    Course Duration
    4 Days

This course is held over four days and is able to enroll 20 participants. It is also offered in Spanish through our CMS Affiliate, Hospital virtual Valdecilla. Click on Curso de Entrenamiento para Instructores en Simulación for more information. Haga clic aquí para ver los cursos se imparten en español.

This course immerses healthcare simulation leaders and instructors in a multi-method course wherein participants learn how to teach clinical, behavioral and cognitive skills through simulation. It draws from the disciplines of aviation, healthcare, psychology, experiential learning and organizational behavior. Participants explore simulator-based teaching methods applicable across the healthcare education spectrum, including undergraduate and graduate medical, nursing and allied health domains. The daily formats vary and include simulation scenarios, lectures, small and large group discussions, and practical exercises with feedback. Typically, these courses also offer a couple of social evenings for networking and sharing experiences.

Participant Comments:

"Excellent faculty really brought out the interaction among peer participants!”
"I liked how the theories discussed were used and modelled by the faculty from the beginning of the course.”
“I will use the techniques learned in clinical practice, education, and private life.”

Course Topics Include:

  • Creating a challenging and safe learning environment
  • Utilizing effective debriefing techniques and avoiding ineffective ones
  • Preparing, building, conducting and debriefing realistic simulation scenarios
  • Operating a simulation program
  • Teaching clinical decision making, teamwork and crisis resource management skills
  • Developing debriefing skills
  • Introducing behavioral and educational research paradigms
  • Advancing simulation within one’s institution


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