Applied Learning for Performance and Safety (ALPS)

Imagine two healthcare systems, both striving to deliver exceptional patient care and foster a supportive work environment. Healthcare System A has embraced the Applied Learning for Performance and Safety (ALPS) landscape, while Healthcare System B operates without it.

Healthcare System A

  • Sees staff confidently tackling patient care challenges, thanks to the Bedside Readiness ecosystem’s readiness plans and targeted simulation training.
  • Witnesses improved patient safety and care quality through lessons learned from the Learning through Challenge ecosystem’s debriefings and collaborative case reviews.
  • Fosters camaraderie and teamwork through daily huddles and mental rehearsals in the Teamwork Support ecosystem.
  • Has a dedicated Chief Learning Officer and/or Director of ALPS leading the charge in cultivating a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Boasts vibrant learning communities (ALPS Academy) where staff share best practices, exchange ideas, and inspire each other.
  • Confidently invests in training for leaders and “faculty” to master readiness planning, simulation strategy, debriefings, and facilitating huddles and mental rehearsals.

Healthcare System B

  • Suffers from the culture-crushing effects of conflict, difficult situations, unready staff, and unsupported teams.
  • Lacks a centralized applied learning framework, leaving staff to navigate challenges and complexity without guidance or support.
  • Struggles with inconsistent or poorly targeted training and limited resources for staff development.
  • Has a higher rate of adverse events due to lack of structure around learning from challenge.
  • Experiences turnover associated with lower staff engagement and satisfaction due to inadequate supports for people and teams amidst uncertainty.
  • Falls behind in adopting best practices and innovations.

By partnering with ALPS, Healthcare Systems and Hospitals can redefine their approach to performance, safety, and team well-being. ALPS engagements can be multi-year relationships involving implementation of the learning landscape, or smaller engagements to assess readiness of your hospital or health system. Together, let’s create a safer, more compassionate, and high-performing care environment.

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Welcome to Applied Learning for Performance and Safety!

The team is dedicated to improving the experience of working in healthcare, and the quality and safety of healthcare delivery, through the development and integration of an applied learning landscape within the existing organizational performance landscape. Our customers and partners are 1) healthcare systems and hospitals and 2) health professions schools.

ALPS for Hospitals and Health Systems

ALPS for Hospitals and Health Systems transforms healthcare culture and performance by planting, growing, and nurturing applied learning ecosystems into the patient care landscape. ALPS ecosystems address conflict, unreadiness, and unsupported teams, ensuring patient safety and care quality.

  • Learning through Challenge: Collaborative processing and learning from challenging events and conflicts.
  • Bedside Readiness: Customized readiness planning and training implementations for safe and effective patient care.
  • Teamwork Support: Daily gatherings for connection, engagement, and practical planning.

ALPS for Health Professions Schools

ALPS for Health Professions Schools supports faculty readiness, curricular power and relevance, and school excellence, supporting prepared graduates who succeed and thrive in today’s healthcare system. Our integrated framework creates sustainable preparation for nursing, medical and health professions schools to deliver high-quality, evidence-based education and assessment.

  • Simulation Learning: Elevated learning in classroom, clinical, and simulation settings.
  • Supportive Assessment: Feedback-literate faculty coaching students with formative and summative assessment.
  • Partnership: Collaboration with clinical partners and stakeholders for relevant curricular choices.

By joining the ALPS community, you will embark on a transformative journey to redefine healthcare excellence. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare!

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