COVID Chronicles #7 | Amelia Rudolph: Managing Fear Through Personal Connection

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Duration Duration: 23:46
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Amelia Rudolph is the founding Artistic Director of Bandaloop, a vertical dance company she began in 1991. Bandaloop performs dances that shift the plane of the dance floor vertically and create a sense of community, awe and wonder. The company activates public spaces from cliffs in the Sierra Nevada to the heights of New York skyscrapers. Today she joins Jenny to talk about managing fear in moments where we’re operating at the edge of or beyond our comfort zones, and how to maintain a sense of connection with others in this work.

What’s required systematically from leaders and team members to ensure safety in situations that would be dangerous without effective protocols and procedures? How do we put anchors and checks in place to allow our teams to do their work without harm? We’ll examine these questions, as well as learn how naming your discomfort out loud can connect you with your team members and with the people you’re caring for, and how to stay in the moment and tuned to our colleagues even through layers of PPE.

–Jenny Rudolph, James Lipshaw, and the Center for Medical Simulation team