COVID Chronicles #8 | Jody Hoffer Gittell: Being Part of a Whole and How It Improves Outcomes

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Duration Duration: 39:28
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Welcome to COVID Chronicles with Jenny Rudolph, a just-in-time podcast checking in with friends and colleagues from the front lines of healthcare, the home front, and other unique perspectives on learning and connecting in the time of coronavirus.

This week on COVID Chronicles we’re joined by Jody Hoffer Gittell, a professor of management at Brandeis University and expert on relational coordination. We discuss how to transform our relationships with others, achieve high performance, and increase mutual respect through a shared knowledge of each other’s goals as well as each other’s tasks.

How can a lack of systems thinking negatively effect our outcomes during this pandemic? We’ll also talk about how knowing what your role is, how you fit into a larger whole, and how your actions affect others is critical to organizational success, and look at whether we’ve achieved that in our national response to COVID-19.