COVID Chronicles #4 | Stefanie Heiter: Bridging Distance Online

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Welcome to COVID Chronicles with Jenny Rudolph, a just-in-time podcast checking in with friends and colleagues from the front lines of healthcare, the home front, and other unique perspectives on learning and connecting in the time of coronavirus.

Stefanie Heiter ( is the CEO of Bridging Distance, a remote-work consulting company based in Massachusetts. She joined us this week to talk about the way our work will change as staff for many companies have moved to work from home during the pandemic.

How does the “distance lens” change how we work together remotely? What does digital etiquette look like for folks who have never worked remotely? How does our body language speak for us online?

One major component for many leaders will be addressing the digital loneliness of our workers who are used to a bustling social environment. When do we reach out, and how do we make informality formal online?

What should leaders do to make sure their workers feel supported in this time, and what new opportunities does it create for making our teams even better?

All these questions and more answered this week on COVID Chronicles.