Summative Debriefing Video Review Process

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Materials & prep
• DASH-RV Score sheet for raters and applicant.
 Raters should note whether they are trained DASH raters or not.
• Chosen video segments set up and ready-to-go. (1st 3 mins or reactions phase, Discussion of 1 Objective, Last 5 mins or Summary Phase)
• Quiet room with no interruptions.
• Considerations for a research project: table microphone, properly positioned camera to record debriefing of debriefing the video, video recording of debriefing the debriefing that will start after the first round of ratings, i.e., at the start of the debriefing of the debriefing.

• Lead Debriefer/Facilitator (Rater)
• 1-2 Associate Debriefers/Raters
• Applicant
• Technical Support if recording

1. Set up “safe container”
a. Basic Assumption
b. Confidentiality
c. We expect to learn from each other
d. Pull from DASH Element 1 for other aspects of pre-brief
2. Ask applicant what they are especially interested in working on, getting feedback, etc. The main question is how do you think we best help you?

Video review

3. Watch Video.
4. Raters can ask for a stop or rewind.
5. Raters take notes, bearing in mind that comments that are aligned to specific instances are most desirable.

6. After watching the video, raters fill out the DASH score sheet. DASH scores are NOT shared. {Need anonymous rater ID}
7. Applicant also takes notes and rates. Applicant will use DASH-IV when it is accomplished. For now, applicant will use

8. Lead debriefer asks for reactions from (a) applicant and (b) raters.
9. Discuss what is most relevant to applicant.
10. Each rater debriefs applicant. Debriefing should/can include technical fixes (i.e., action recommendations) and understanding frames (using A-I type questions). Raters should use specific instances to base remarks.

11. Raters re-rate scores and give to lead debriefer scores from #1 and #2 ratings.
12. Lead debriefer uses rating #2 to determine if scores are acceptable.
a. All scores must be 4 or above
b. If one score is below 4, then all other Element Ratings must be 5 or above.
13. Lead debriefer announces whether applicant passes or has to re-do at a future date (can be done privately but better with group, if possible).

14. Lead asks applicant to discuss their “take-away” lessons.
15. Raters discuss their take-away lessons.
16. Lead thanks everyone for their participation.