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Circle Up is a system of communications and adaptive learning featuring three activities:

  • 1) Briefings (huddles) at the beginning of shifts, days, and activities
  • 2) Dynamic supportive conversations among colleagues
  • 3) Debriefings (huddles) near the end of shifts, days, and complex care episodes

CMS helps your organization to structure and integrate Circle Up activities. We first model (co-lead) activities and then train and empower you and your team to independently lead activities.

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Circle Up briefings promote clarity of purpose and action to support both operational excellence and the well-being of the workforce.

  • Skillfully introduce and encourage questions and concerns
  • Update on process and protocol
    • Mental rehearsals of new routines
    • Reflective Q&A
  • Update on well-being features and adaptations
  • Remind team to use Talk2Support
  • Invite to debriefing at end of day, shift or care episode


Check-in with colleagues while @work.

  • Notice colleagues in need
  • Check-in with all team members
  • Affirm and appreciate contributions
  • Listen and offer support


Circle Up debriefings promote positive-minded sharing and adaptation around challenges and successes related to the work of the day, shift or care episode.

  • Skillfully introduce the activity
    • Encourage sharing of experiences, questions, and concerns
    • Affirm contributions to wellness of patients or co-workers
  • Facilitate collection of successes and challenges
  • Organize and supportive exploration of root causes to challenges
  • Facilitate development (or initiation) of solutions and adaptations
  • Offer uplifting summaries and action plans

To find out more about how you can implement this program in your organization, please contact:
Chris Roussin, PhD
Mary Fey, PhD, RN

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Circle Up for COVID-19 Online Webinar

Circle Up for COVID-19 Webinar









This webinar will introduce a system for communication that supports both staff resilience and sustainable excellence in care delivery.

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* Talk2Support is a joint project between CMS and The Debriefing Academy.