Announcing Simulation Instructor Workshops for 2013-2014

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The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) is pleased to announce its 2013-2014 Institute for Medical Simulation Workshop schedule. Recognized as a world leader in simulation education, CMS offers workshops at its Boston location and at host sites throughout the United States and the world. Click on this link (CMS Simulation Instructor Workshops 2013 to 2014) for the schedule .

CMS’ Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS) evolved from research developed through a collaborative project between the Center for Medical Simulation and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology funded by a grant from the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. IMS offers workshops for simulation leaders, educators and researchers who want to develop and maintain high-quality healthcare simulation programs within their organizations.  Attendees call the workshops transformational.  Current workshops include:

Comprehensive Instructor Workshop: 5 days
Established in 2004 and updated through the years, this is the Institute’s most comprehensive and immersive program. Attendees represent a wide range of experience, disciplines and specialties, but all share one common goal: to become outstanding educational leaders or directors of a current or prospective simulation program. With experiential education being the keystone of simulation, the course is a mix of theory, practice and feedback so that students develop a strong and comprehensive understanding of how to most effectively use simulation within their education programs. Widely respected, dedicated educators with years of simulation experience lead the course with one main goal in mind: Transform every IMS student to be an outstanding educator.  Click here for a schedule

Simulation as a Teaching Tool: 4 Days
For simulation educators who seek to create high-quality healthcare simulation programs. This course immerses healthcare simulation instructors in a multi method course wherein participants learn how to teach clinical, behavioral, and cognitive skills through simulation. It draws from the disciplines of aviation, healthcare, psychology, experiential learning, and organizational behavior. Participants explore simulator-based teaching methods applicable across the healthcare education spectrum, including undergraduate and graduate medical, nursing and allied health domains. The daily formats vary and include; simulation scenarios, lectures, small and large group discussions, and practical exercises with feedback. Typically these courses also offer a couple of social evenings for networking and sharing experiences.

Advanced Debriefing: 4 Days 
For those Graduates of an IMS course, either held in Cambridge or at a host site, this course will enhance and extend instructional techniques learned in the Simulation Instructor Course.  Through extensive practice and feedback, attendees will become better and more reflective about their instructional practices. And, they will become more able to help other faculty within their institution improve their instructional techniques.  Led by highly experience IMS Faculty the workshop combines didactic and experiential learning with practice and feedback.  Participants will run and debrief one of their own scenarios; learn how to use an Action Science technique to reflect on debriefings; learn how to assess the quality of debriefings. There will be some didactics, but mainly the course will be very interactive and engaging.

Graduate Course: 4 Days 
For those Graduates of an IMS course, either held in Boston or at a host site, this course is designed to refresh and extend the educational and leadership repertoire of IMS Graduates. The course varies each year so prior attendees often repeat this course. While there are several goals for each year’s Graduate Course, two of them are always to deepen and improve debriefing skills, and to foster attendees’ ability to train simulation instructors within their home institutions.  The intent of the course is to continue to build camaraderie and support within the IMS community of practice and to prepare leaders in simulation for the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing significant reform to healthcare education. 

DASH Rater Training: 4 1/2 Hour Webinar
Debriefing clinical simulation experiences is widely understood as a crucial step in clarifying and consolidating insights and lessons from simulations. The Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH) is designed to assist in evaluating and developing faculty debriefing and instructional skills. The DASH Webinars are designed for simulation educators interested in rating individuals in the use of the Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH) tool. The DASH is a widely used instrument with known psychometric properties. It is designed to be applied in a variety of healthcare disciplines and simulation settings and can be used for summative or formative evaluation. DASH users are invited to participate in the (growing) worldwide DASH database that, as it matures, will provide contributors and researchers with useful data for their programs.

Founded in 1993, The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) was one of the world’s first healthcare simulation centers and continues to be a global leader in the field.  At CMS the focus is on communication, collaboration, and crisis management training in order to develop skills and teamwork behaviors that are best learned actively under realistic conditions.  Since it first opened in 1993, CMS has  trained thousands of participants in its innovative and  challenging programs. Contact Gary Rossi, COO at 617.726.3041 / for more information.