Brief Debriefings: Frame Shift!

Blog - Brief Debriefings: Frame Shift!

“I found out that telling the truth doesn’t make you the bad guy. Telling the truth is actually your job and it’s going to be beneficial for the learners and for yourself.”

In this episode of Brief Debriefings, we talk with Frédérique Gauthier, Audrey Larone Juneau, and Lon Setnik, three participants from the May 2019 Advanced Instructor Course at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, MA.

Frédérique Gauthier, a physical therapist & educator at Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal, enrolled in the course to refine her debriefing and faculty development skills. Joining Frédérique from Sainte-Justine is Audrey Larone Juneau, a nurse educator working on in-situ simulations in the neonatal intensive care unit. She helps faculty from other departments develop simulation training programs, and she wants to learn coaching techniques to help her peers “level up” their skills. Lon Setnik, an emergency medicine physician and medical director of the simulation center at Concord Hospital, hopes to create a pathway for hospital faculty to participate in simulation.

The group discusses the Learning Pathways Grid, the power of vulnerability, and the realization that honesty is the best policy, especially in debriefings.



About Our Guests

Frédérique Gauthier, PT
Physical Therapist
CHU Sainte-Justine
Goal: Improve debriefing and faculty development skills

Audrey Larone Juneau, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator
CHU Sainte- Justine
Goal: Learn coaching techniques to help faculty “level up”

Lon Setnik, MD, FACEP
Physician in Emergency Medicine and Simulation Center Medical Director
Concord Hospital
Goal: Create a pathway for hospital faculty to utilize simulation

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