Brief Debriefings: Guess What I’m Thinking! ft. Jenny Rudolph

Blog - Brief Debriefings: Guess What I’m Thinking! ft. Jenny Rudolph

In this week’s episode of Brief Debriefings, Jenny Rudolph joins Shaun Grant, a pediatrician from New Zealand, and Kelly Roszczynialski, a physician in emergency medicine and simulation fellow at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, to discuss the challenge and peril of “Guess What I’m Thinking” questions.

Shaun and Kelly re-enact a spicy debriefing event to show how playing guessing games with your learners in debriefing can lead to frustration and confusion for both learners and debriefers, and perform their own mini-debrief of the debrief to try to understand what went wrong in the debriefing, and how to get better results for your learners.

About Our Guests
Kelly Roszczynialski, MD
Simulation Fellow
University of Alabama Office of Interprofessional Simulation for Innovative Clinical Practice

Shaun Grant, MBChB, FRACP,
General Pediatrician and Head of Department
Gisborne Hospital, New Zealand

Kelly and Shaun participated in the Comprehensive Instructor Course at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS). The five-day immersion in healthcare simulation is led by experienced simulation educators and covers all high-level elements and concepts involved in running a simulation program. To learn more about the Comprehensive Instructor Course, please go to