CMS Announces Medical Simulation Educational Specialist Opening

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CMS has a full time opening for an experienced Medical Simulation Education Specialist. This individual will assist in organizing and conducting teamwork and train-the-trainer educational courses that use web-based distance learning, social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), and on-site clinical simulation technologies (such as mannequins, standardized patients, and computer simulations). The Specialist may also be involved in posting content developed by others to blogs and social media, operating web-conferencing computer platforms, coordination of logistics of web-based training, or setting up, troubleshooting and operating mannequin technology for simulation courses or medical device testing, coordinating simulation logistics, and research support.

Prinicpal Duties:

  • Supports CMS faculty and other staff in delivering live clinical simulation training and industry device testing
  • Supports CMS faculty and other staff in delivering virtual or web-based training, and social media outreach
  • Supports research and administrative activities.

Clinical Teamwork Simulation Training and Industry Device Testing Duties:

  • Set up, operate, and troubleshoot clinical simulation technologies and associated audio visual equipment so that training courses run smoothly
  • Setup and execute speedy transitions of simulation scenarios
  • Help systematize and execute ordering and organization of simulation supplies
  • Play amateur acting roles during realistic simulation scenarios
  • May assist in creating or enhancing simulation props and technologies

Web-based Training and Education Duties:

  • Identify, evaluate, and operate distance learning software, web-conferencing platforms, and social media in consultation with Technical Director and faculty
  • Identify, evaluate, operate appropriate distance learning-related hardware and peripherals in consultation with Technical Director
  • Assist in the design and creation of audio visual aids in curriculum materials
  • Stay abreast of current and emerging education technologies, social media, virtual world and professional communities to help update and refine CMS approaches

Other Duties:

  • May coordinate data collection for research studies including documenting information, collating and assisting in analysis of data
  • May participate in scheduling and logistical support for all programs held at CMS
  • Perform other diverse duties as needed to conduct training sessions, develop simulation or educational technologies, perform research


  • Required: BS or BA in engineering, education, psychology, or related field; or medically-related specialty degree or certificate or equivalent education and experience
  • Preferred: MS or MA in instructional technology or education or clinical education

For more information about this position download the the PDF file Medical Simulation Education Specialist Position

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