CMS UPDATE – It’s Been A Busy Few Months!

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It’s been a hectic few months for the faculty and staff here at CMS.  After coming back from the SSIH Meeting in New Orleans in late January, where the CMS faculty conducted numerous workshops, it’s been a non stop ride!  In early February Robert, Dan, Jenny and Walter headed to Australia where they spent over a month teaching the IMS Simulation as a Teaching Tool and Advanced Debriefing Courses at sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  Then earlier this month Robert, Dan and Walter headed of to Hong Kong where we held our first week long workshop for the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Dan and Walter then headed home, but Robert wasn’t finshed travelling yet.  He spent the last week in Santander Spain where he consulted with Dr. Ignacio del Moral and his team from the Hospital Virtual de Valdecilla (HvV).  HvV has an affiliation with CMS and we were very fortunate to have Doctor del Moral spend a year here at CMS on a Fellowship.

In the meantime, we stayed very busy back here at CMS in Cambridge.  During February we held numberous Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management and MOCA workshops for the faculty of the Harvard Afiiliated teaching hospitals and other institutions.  We also conducted a Webinar on the DASH instrument for 16 nurses from the Mayo Institute.  This month we’ve been holding two to three Crisis Resource Management and MOCA workshops each week for anesthesia faculty and residents, and we started to work again on the HARPAG project with Dr. Rick Blum from Children’s Hospital. HARPAG is a groundbreaking pilot study to learn if simulation is useful for assessing Anesthesia Resident’s performance.  We also conducted a webinar for the folks who’ll be attending our Graduate Course in May.  We’ve had  the usual fantasic group of resident anesthesiologists from the Harvard Affiliated Hospitals who every month are here for an elective medical simulation rotation.  And, we’re gearing up for the IMS Comprehensive Course with the OB Track that we’re holding at the end of the month.  

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