Dan Raemer & Janice Palaganas Present the Big Dilemmas of IPE

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Dan Raemer and Janice Palaganas will be presenting the closing keynote speech at the Spring Simulation User Network (SUN) Conference in San Diego, California. The SUN Conference takes place from April 18 through April 20. Dan and Janice’s presentation is entitled, “Dueling Synapses: Dilemmas in Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education.”


If you enjoy the dynamic duo of Dr. Raemer and Dr. Palaganas, be on the lookout for their coming podcast, DJ Simulationistas… ‘sup?, which will be available on the CMS Virtual Campus as well as iTunes and wherever podcasts are found.

In addition to their keynote, Dan, Janice, Roy Phitayakorn, and Denise Gee will also present the Interprofessional Debriefing Workshop at the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) 2017 Surgical Education. This event is the annual meeting of the Association for Surgical Education, and takes place from April 18 to April 22 in San Diego, California.