End Of An Era – Goodbye Jordan!

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Jordan HalaszLast Friday marked the end of an era at CMS as Jordan Halasz, CMS’ Director of Technology, officially retired after 17 years at CMS and over 30 years within the MGH system. As many of you know, Jordan has been at CMS since it’s beginning. He will truly be missed. However, CMS’ loss is going to be the University of Miami’s gain. Starting in November Jordan will become their Nursing School’s Director of Simulation Services. This is a wonderful opportunity for Jordan. Not only will he have the opportunity to help build a new simulation center, he’ll be able to indulge in his lifelong passion, golf, on a regular basis. Everyone here at CMS wishes Jordan and his wife, Maxine, all the best!  Click on this link to our facebook page at www.facebook.com/medicalsimulation to see pictures of our farewell dinner for Jordan where many of his Boston area simulation friends celebrated Jordan and all he meant to us.