An Incredible Week for Dr. Janice Palaganas

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The Center for Medical Simulation would like to recognize an incredible week for Dr. Janice Palaganas, our Director of Educational Innovation & Development. Dr. Palaganas is currently away in Singapore, leading CMS’ week-long Simulation as a Teaching Tool course at the National University of Singapore. She has received two pieces of great news this week.

The first honor is that Dr. Palaganas has been promoted to Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School. She is one of an extremely small number of nurses to hold that title.

The second honor is that Dr. Palaganas has been named a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, one of the highest honors in the profession. When we reached her, she wanted to recognize the role of several individuals in helping her achieve this honor: her CMS colleagues for mentoring her in her time here at the Center; Jan Bellack, the president of the MGH Institute of Health Professions; and Beth Mancini, her mentor at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Everyone here at CMS is very proud of Janice and congratulates her on her marvelous accomplishments!