Listen from Home to the CMS Podcast Team & DJ Simulationistas, Dan Raemer & Janice Palaganas

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Blog - Listen from Home to the CMS Podcast Team & DJ Simulationistas, Dan Raemer & Janice Palaganas

As Dan Raemer, Janice Palaganas, and Jenny Rudolph celebrate listenership milestones this week, we thought it was a great time to look back at the creation of DJ Simulationistas… ‘Sup? and our other resources in the CMS podcast library, and recommend some to you!

DJ Simulationistas… ‘Sup? was originally created as a single module of the CMS Virtual Campus, a project led by Janice Palaganas and supported with funding from the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. Dan, Janice, and our instructional designer James Lipshaw designed the podcast to be a fun, conversational listen that you could turn on for your commute or while making dinner at home, one that felt like a conversation between two friends and occasional guests talking about their experience in simulation. And it was!

Dan Raemer Retirement Party
Dan Raemer and Jenny Rudolph chat as his retirement party.

For a highlight episode from the podcast’s early days, listen to “Getting Vulnerable,” an episode focusing on how to allow yourself to be transparent about your own gaps and failures in debriefing.

DJ Simulationistas Episode 009: Getting Vulnerable

As the project went on, we wanted to compare how users in our closed beta group listened to materials versus how they performed if they were released to the public. We picked DJ Simulationistas… ‘Sup? as a test subject for public release, along with some do-it-yourself moulage videos on our YouTube channel ( We also released a series of episodes of the CMS Book Club, a longstanding monthly event at CMS that we turned into a releasable podcast.

CMS Book Club Episode 010: The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity (Laura Liswood)

Janice Palaganas from her recording studio.

As time went on we started to see what episodes people really responded to, and doubled down on those subjects and those kinds of conversations between Dan and Janice. We also got better at things like making sure our team recorded without the dishwasher going five feet away or a lawnmower running outside their window!

DJ Simulationistas Episode 021: The Problem of (Un)Certainty

We also started to reach out to both our colleagues at CMS and our friends in the simulation community, and brought many of them on the podcast to offer their own perspectives on trends in simulation and some real talk on the future of the field and the economic realities of the systems we work in.

Dan and Janice interview Paul Phrampus for the podcast.

DJ Simulationistas Episode 055: Gamification of Simulation with Vinay Nadkarni

DJ Simulationistas Episode 066: Keeping Your Sim Center Afloat with Jenny Rudolph

It turned out that our audience loved hearing from the other members of the Center for Medical Simulation team, so much so that we decided to create a number of new limited run podcasts featuring our amazing team members talking about the work that they do every day. Some of those included an interview series with Jenny Rudolph and our Senior Director of Teaching and Learning, Mary Fey, called Critical Conversations after her book with Sue Gross Forneris of the same name.

Critical Conversations #1: An Introduction to Critical Conversations

We also started including even more new members of our community. The series Brief Debriefings  captures long and short conversations with members of the community who have come to CMS. In the series, we interview those visitors to the center about what projects they are working on in their local institution and how they can generalize that learning to the simulation community as a whole. The series also captures even more lengthy conversations that don’t fit into our other ongoing series.

Dan and Janice with Dr. Jennifer Arnold in St. Petersburg, FL

Brief Debriefings #001: Effective Communication

100% Adoption. 35% Mortality Reduction. $7,000,000/Year | Michael Rose & Kate Hilton

Finally, in the two plus years since we started releasing DJ Simulationistas…’Sup?, our dear friend Dan Raemer decided that it was time for him to transition to playing tennis full-time after a rewarding and lengthy career. After a series of well-deserved accolades, he decided to give up the podcast as well, with a very nice send off episode.

Dan’s President’s Award Video from IMSH 2020

DJ Simulationistas Episode 083: Simulation in Real Life

But don’t worry, our podcasts aren’t going anywhere! Later this year, Jenny Rudolph and Janice Palaganas will return with the first episodes of JJ Simulationistas… ‘Sup?. We hope to see you then!