Mary Fey Appointed Senior Director, Teaching and Learning

Blog - Mary Fey Appointed Senior Director, Teaching and Learning

It is my great pleasure to announce the appointment of Mary K. Fey, RN, PhD to be the Center for Medical Simulation’s inaugural Senior Director, Teaching and Learning.  As our programs grow in size and complexity, we realized we needed a steady hand and an innovator’s eye to integrate faculty and curriculum development across programs. Mary will be joining the Center for Medical Simulation’s Leadership team to bring her unique blend of good-natured challenge, peer support, and keen intellect to guide CMS into the future.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of teaching or learning with Mary Fey will immediately recognize the compassion, power, and knowledge she brings to her work.  Mary’s skill as an educator, researcher and mentor is informed by her deep interest in the dynamics of human interaction, and her 20 years clinical experience as an ICU nurse.  Whether in a classroom, a clinical area, a simulation, or coaching in a CrossFit gym, Mary believes that the words we use and how we say them can have a profound effect on the learners’ motivation and ability to take their next developmental step.

It is on the teacher-learner interaction that Mary focuses her work.

Mary’s research and writing on the centrality of dialogue in the teacher-learner interaction has informed the educator curricula she has co-designed with colleagues at the Center for Medical Simulation is the focus of two recent publications: Critical Conversations: The NLN Guide for Teaching, and Fostering Civility in Learning Conversations: Introducing the PAAIL Conversation Strategy. Both provide educators with concrete strategies for creating an environment in which transformative learning conversations can happen across the curriculum.

Mary received her PhD from the University of Maryland, where her research focused on debriefing in simulation-based learning experiences.  She was the director of the Debra L Spunt Clinical Simulation Laboratory at the University of Maryland School of Nursing – one of the earliest and largest nursing simulation programs in the United States.  While at the National League for Nursing, she co-authored two publications: The NLN Vision for Teaching with Simulation and the NLN Vision for Debriefing Across the Curriculum – the two most downloaded documents in the NLN Vision Series.  She was recently inducted into the National League for Nursing’s Academy of Nurse Educators, and continues to collaborate with the NLN.  She is actively involved in both Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) and International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL).  With SSH, she led the development of the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator-Advanced (CHSE-A) certification program.  With INACSL, she has been involved in the ongoing development of the Standards of Best Practice: Simulation since their inception.

Please join me in welcoming Mary to this new role in which I know she will continue to shape the thinking and practice of simulation educators around the world.

Some of Mary’s recent Publications:

Critical Conversations:  The NLN Guide for Teaching Thinking

Fostering Civility in Learning Conversations:  Introducing the PAAIL Conversation Strategy

Mary recently led the curriculum redesign of CMS’s Healthcare Simulation Essentials: Design and Debriefing.


Jenny Rudolph, PhD
Executive Director
Center for Medical Simulation