The Collapse of Simulation

The Penultimate Episode

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Duration Duration: 30:08
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DAN IS RETIRING! This is the penultimate episode of DJ Simulationistas as you know it.

Janice, considering how her retiree parents seem to worry over everything, asks Dan to come up with a list of his worries for simulation in the future.

Sim Worry 1: Will the expense of simulation cause it to decline?
Sim Worry 2: Somehow, simulation will hurt patients or providers.
Sim Worry 3: The quality of simulation instruction will go down as the number of instructors goes up.
Sim Worry 4: Sim becomes monopolized by one profession or one way of doing things.
Sim Worry 5: People won’t appreciate what good sim looks like and the effort it takes to achieve it.
Sim Worry 6: Letting down people who expected to learn more.

Listen to learn how you can keep each of these dark futures for simulation from happening to your learners and your institution!