Broaching Race and Racism in Debriefing and Team Simulations (Part 2)

Weekly Webinars: Connecting and Learning with CMS

Duration Duration: 63 Minutes
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Recorded: August 12, 2020

About this session

Building on the discussion in Building on the discussion in Broaching Race and Racism in Debriefing and Team Simulations (Part 1), CMS presents a conversation with healthcare leaders who are directly addressing discrimination, burnout and health disparities through simulation education. They partnered with CMS to create and launch this successful program.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss strategies to talk about race, racism and health disparities in the healthcare simulation context
  2. Reflect on the role if instructors and program leaders as agents of change and support

Recommended Pre-webinar Preparation

Please watch:


Demian Szyld

Demian Szyld, MD, EdM
Senior Director, Faculty Development Program
Center for Medical Simulation
Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Szyld is an Emergency Medicine physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and a Lecturer at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Szyld was the first Simulation and Education Fellow at the STRATUS Simulation Center at BWH and is actively involved in the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and has chaired the Formal Training Affinity Group, led the Affiliations Committee and served as an Accreditation Site Reviewer and completed a term on the Board of Directors (2016-2019).

Panel Moderator

Ann Mullen

Ann Mullen, RN, MSN, CHSE
Program Manager
Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, Massachusetts
Foundation for Healthcare Simulation Safety

Ann has over 30 years of experience in critical care nursing and staff education. Prior to joining CMS, Ann was the Program Manager of the Shipley Medical Simulation Center at Newton-Wellesley Hospital where she was responsible for program planning, faculty training and ongoing faculty development. Her interests include faculty development, debriefing and simulation safety.


Kelly Meservia-Collins

Kelly Meservia-Collins, MA
Director, Academics & Interprofessional Education
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Kelly Meservia-Collins is the Director, Academics and Interprofessional Education at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. She has 10 years experience in healthcare education and a background in Applied Social Psychology. Kelly advocates for system and social change healthcare and uses simulation to create spaces for critical dialogue about ethical and moral dilemmas in clinical care. She is currently working towards her PhD in Education Studies.


Kendra Walt

Kendra Walt, BScN, RN
Interprofessional Educator
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Kendra Walt is an RN, and Interprofessional Educator who collaborates with professional practice, programs and services at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre to determine organization and developmental needs. Kendra is a strong enthusiast of simulation based education for the advancement of clinical and interprofessional competency and cultural safety expertise. Kendra is currently working towards her Masters of Nursing (teaching focus) and is a faculty member at The Northern Ontario School of Medicine.