Boston Simulation Community Research and Education Meeting November 8th at CMS

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Please join us on Tuesday November 8th, Tuesday from 5:30-7:00 PM for the Boston Simulation Community Research and Education Meeting.

Topic:  Simulation Instructor Certification as a Peer-Guided Learning Process

Toni Walzer, MD, Deb Navedo, PhD, CPNP, CNE, Jenny W. Rudolph, PhD, Robert Simon EdD,

Over the past 10 years, the Center for Medical Simulation’s approach to developing and certifying its own instructors has evolved.  This interactive session will discuss the recently revised CMS certification process, which includes peer observation, rating, and feedback on debriefings.  The meeting will provide attendees with the opportunity to observe, rate, and provide feedback on a debriefing, and to discuss the action research project being led by Deb Navedo to understand what faculty learn via this process.

More detail: Both the process of agreeing on instructor certification criteria, and the process of putting them into practice foster debate about what it means to be a competent simulation instructor. With the help of Deb Navedo from the Institute for Health Professions at MGH, CMS has also embarked on an action research project to study how our “Community of Practice” learns from each other about how to improve debriefing skills.  

Toni Walzer,
MD co-directs the Labor and Delivery Teamwork Simulation Program at CMS
Deb Navedo, PhD, CPNP, CNE is the Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Certificate Program, MGH Institute of Health Professions
Jenny W. Rudolph, PhD directs the Graduate Program of the Institute for Medical Simulation
Robert Simon, EdD is the Education Director of the Center for Medical Simulation and directs the Institute for Medical Simulation.

About the Boston Simulation Community Research and Education Meeting:
Our meetings provide a friendly and informal venue for simulation educators and researchers to present work-in-progress, acquaint each other with relevant ideas from other disciplines and connect with others. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Please join us!      

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Measuring Problem Representation Among Preclinical Medical Students Following Mannequin Simulations    

Emily Hayden, MD, MEd, Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation, Harvard Medical School, Department of Emergency Medicine and Massachusetts General Hospital Learning Lab    

Clinical reasoning is an important skill for medical students to acquire during both their pre-clinical and clinical years.  Based on the work on teaching problem representation as a framework for clinical reasoning, the purpose of this project was to develop an instrument capable of detecting differences between students who were trained to use problem representation versus those who were not.     

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