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Blog - Center for Medical Simulation Celebrates Transitions

CMS Celebrates Transitions.

The month of July opened with major transitions in our Anesthesia Simulation Programs that we are happy to share with our simulation colleagues.

With great pleasure we announce that Dr. Rebecca Minehart has been appointed the MGH Interim Division Chief of Obstetric Anesthesia. Dr. Minehart has been a valued clinician and educator who joined MGH DACCPM faculty in 2007 as an Obstetric Anesthesiologist. Dr. Minehart will continue in her clinical work in L&D and the Main ORs, and serving as the MGH Learning Laboratory Network Simulation Officer to promote simulation programming aimed at fixing clinical problems. She will also continue as Co-Chair of the MGH Periprocedural Code Committee, and as the MGH Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship Program Director.  Nationally, she is a member of the ACGME Obstetric Milestones Working Group, the obstetric anesthesia section editor for, and the Vice Chair of the SOAP Annual Meeting and Live Events Committee overseeing programming for the SOAP Annual Meeting. Additionally, she is an ABA Oral Board Examiner and a member of both the ASA Interactive Computer-Based Education and Simulation-Based Training Editorial Boards.

Dr. Minehart has stepped down as Director, Anesthesia Programs at CMS and will continue her role as a simulation educator and highly regarded faculty teaching our anesthesia simulation courses.   She has our greatest support and every confidence! Please join us in celebrating her new role at MGH and continued engagement as faculty at CMS.

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the appointment of Lia Tron, MD, MPH to be the Center for Medical Simulation’s Director, Anesthesia Programs.  Dr. Tron has been an attending anesthesiologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and on the faculty at Harvard Medical School since 2015. Her clinical work is adult OR, non-OR and regional anesthesia.  She is the current chair of the departmental Quality and Safety Improvement Committee; and has a long-standing interest in strategies the promote effective teamwork and enhance interprofessional communication. During the COVID surge she led a quality improvement team effort to understand the pandemic experience of anesthesia team members, share those, and implement quality improvement changes, including implementation of Circle Up – a system created by CMS faculty for psychological support and daily workflow adaption during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.  Currently she is working on a departmental effort to understand and improve production pressure in the perioperative environment. Prior to joining the team at MGH, she was a staff anesthesiologist for United Anesthesia Services in Pennsylvania, and before that was on the faculty in the Neuro Anesthesia Division at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Please join us in welcoming Lia to this new leadership role at CMS!  We know she will promote excellence in the practice of simulation-based education and clinical practice in anesthesiology.

Roxane Gardner MD MPH MSHPED DSC

Sr. Director, Clinical Programs

Director, Simulation Fellowship and International Scholars Program

Center for Medical Simulation