Demian Szyld, MD Transitions to New Role at CMS

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Blog - Demian Szyld, MD Transitions to New Role at CMS

Dear Simulation Community Colleagues,

The Team at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) would like to provide you with an important update on our colleague and team member, Demian Szyld. On October 1st, Demian will be stepping down as the leader of CMS’ Faculty Development Program –  the Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS). Although he will no longer lead the IMS,  we are excited that he will be continuing at CMS in a new role.  Demian will now spend more time on research, as well as program and leadership development with CMS’ Affiliates.  As many of you you know, he has led the IMS for the past five years.  During this time, in addition to helping CMS continue innovating and refreshing our simulation-based debriefing and faculty development programs, he collaborated with many colleagues at CMS and internationally and developed deep knowledge and focus on debriefing in the clinical environment.

This focus led him to seek a clinical education leadership role within a hospital and be embedded in a Department of Emergency Medicine.  Starting October 1st, Demian will transition his Emergency Medicine practice from Brigham and Women’s Hospital to the Boston Medical Center. He will be appointed as Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine.  As the Director of Educational Innovation, he will establish an Academic Incubator for faculty and fellows in Emergency Medicine, a local community of practice, and will develop and launch an Education Innovation Fellowship.  Please join us in congratulating Demian on his new role.  We look forward to all the synergies it will bring for CMS and our Affiliates.

Demian’s steady, creative, and conscientious leadership of the IMS during the pandemic, and over the four years prior, nurtured the curriculum and faculty of this program.  While Demian is moving on from this CMS leadership role, we are delighted that he will be continuing to support CMS programs in other ways.  We are also grateful for Demian’s contributions, leadership, and guidance on the CMS mission.  Thanks in part to his contributions CMS is emerging from the pandemic reinvented and strong both fiscally and programmatically. We are excited to say that we continue to innovate and adapt programs and curricula at CMS to meet the moment.

We will be recruiting a new Senior Director for the IMS and will provide more information on position along with a job description in a future posting.

All the best,

Jenny Rudolph and the entire CMS Team