A Learner Shares 4 Benefits of the CMS “Labor & Delivery Teamwork and Crisis Resource Management” Course

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Dr. Ingrid Moreno Duarte in action in the Labor & Delivery Teamwork course.

The Center for Medical Simulation’s Labor & Delivery Crisis Resource Management (CRM) experiential course trains learners in event management during simulated clinical practice. This is an interprofessional course including obstetricians, obstetrical nurses, midwives and obstetrical anesthesiologists. Collaboration and teamwork among these groups is essential to patient safety during obstetrical events.

The cases in the course provide a realistic medical setting equipped with all the supplies and devices normally found in Labor & Delivery. Simulated clinical scenarios and obstetrical procedures are conducted using a computerized mannequin and fetal heart rate simulator equipment.

Topics of this day long course include attention to, and how to overcome, factors that can impair vigilance in Labor & Delivery including work overload, hubris, production pressures, fixation, and fatigue. The course also teaches communication strategies in event management including broadcasting information to all team members, closed loop communications, the importance of calling for help, techniques for assertiveness, and strategies for debriefing events and disclosing errors.


Dr. Ingrid Moreno Duarte, PGY4 Anesthesia Resident, Tufts Medical Center, talks about her experience in the Labor & Delivery Teamwork and Crisis Resource Management Course:

“I really enjoyed the experience and felt like I was able to make myself aware of my own actions during codes. I thought the team was amazing and created an environment where it was easy to learn and recognize our own limitations during stressful situations. I think it is useful to have people from different disciplines involved as sometimes we have no idea of what the other members of the team are thinking, what are their priorities, and how to work together as a team having different perspectives. I think that I will be able to identify problems earlier and communicate more accurately with the team. Thank you for that!”

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