Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop Travels to Europe and Asia

Blog - Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop Travels to Europe and Asia

CMS faculty members, Demian Szyld and Kate Morse, travelled across two continents to deliver the Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop in France and Dubai. The one day workshop is hosted at locations across the United States and around the world, giving participants the option to take the course in their native country. This was the first time that the Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop was hosted outside of North America. Optional online activities further immerse participants in the fundamentals of the Debriefing with Good Judgement© method of debriefing. The course is a “gateway” to CMS’ multi-day Simulation Instructor Training Programs held at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston and at host sites around the world.

The course is run in English and translated to various languages with the help of local staff. The workshop in Dubai was sponsored by Tri-C, Dubai Medical College and Dubai Health Authority. The event in France was a pre-conference workshop for the French Symposium of Simulation in Health (SoFraSimS) and was sponsored by NormSims, and the University of Caen. Demian and Kate also co-presented, “The Good Judgment Approach to Interprofessional Education” keynote session at SoFraSimS.

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