Gibran Minero: Advocacy and Inquiry
with a Spirit of Genuine Curiosity

Blog - Gibran Minero: Advocacy and Inquiry<br>with a Spirit of Genuine Curiosity</br>

Gibran Minero is a resident in Anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. He spent the month of December at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) on an elective rotation. The goal of the rotation program is to expose residents to the potential and operational use of simulation for education, clinical training, and research. Over the course of the month, residents develop simulation scenarios including patient records, plot, setup, debriefing notes, and references.

Spending a month at the Center for Medical Simulation has been one of the highlights of my residency. One of the most educational components of the rotation was being able to participate in the Comprehensive Instructor Workshop. It was a privilege to learn from world experts in medical simulation and from the rich perspectives of clinician educators from various backgrounds. Learning and practicing giving feedback and debriefing using advocacy and inquiry with a spirit of genuine curiosity will make any participant not only a better instructor in simulation, but also a better educator and clinician.

As anesthesiologists, we are responsible for caring for patients during crisis situations. Fortunately, truly life-threatening events are rare. Simulation is a great tool to learn and practice the principles of anesthesia crisis resource management in a safe and realistic environment. Simulation can help us become better clinicians and better educators. I look forward to incorporating it into my career in the future.

-Gibran Minero, M