Jennifer Joris: Joining the Simulation Community

Blog - Jennifer Joris: Joining the Simulation Community

“When I arrived at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS), I never could have imagined all that I would learn here.

After several years of practice in the world of simulation, I felt as though I had reached the peak of my skillset. My experience at CMS has allowed me to evolve and go deeper in my debriefings. It has refined my understanding of debriefing methods and peer coaching.

CMS collaborates with many other organizations which allowed me to see and practice a variety of different simulations and debriefings. At CMS, you can improve in any and all areas you want: pediatrics, obstetrics, emergency care, etc.

In addition to learning more about debriefings, working alongside CMS faculty, staff, fellows, and participants was breathtaking. Leaving my home for a fellowship was difficult, but everyone at CMS was immediately kind and warm. They involved me in meetings, faculty projects, and special programs. They instilled a team spirit that immediately put me at ease.

Working in this profession, I always heard the term “simulation community.” But since my time at CMS, I can say that I now truly understand what it is: connection. Networking with simulation experts from around the world made this experience amazing and unforgettable.”

Jennifer Joris, MPH is the Program Director for the EPAMU Simulation Center in Seraing, Belgium. While at CMS, her focus was on researching multidisciplinary simulation and faculty development.

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