Jenny Rudolph and Chris Roussin to Lead Symposium at Hospital Authority Convention 2022

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Blog - Jenny Rudolph and Chris Roussin to Lead Symposium at Hospital Authority Convention 2022

The Center for Medical Simulation is pleased to announce that Jenny Rudolph, PhD, Executive Director, and Chris Roussin, PhD, Senior Director of Educational Leadership and International Programs, will share their views on “A Multilevel Approach to Team Psychological Safety” at the Symposium “Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare Through Modernizing Training Approach.” This symposium will be broadcast as a part of the Hospital Authority Convention 2022, which will be held on May 10-11, 2022 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and online.

The presentation will examine the following subjects: What is the role of psychological safety in the resilience, connection and enhance performance in healthcare teams? Starting with the premise that healthcare organizations, teams, and sub-teams have different psychological safety “microclimates” this presentation introduces different ways to conceptualize psychological safety at each level. Whether each of us feels welcome to ask for help, to speak up, to say we don’t know are signs and symptoms of the invisible influence of the climate in which we find ourselves. are vitally. This talk explores both research and practice on how to diagnose and take action in different micro-climates. We also explore how individuals and teams can take action to transform psychological safety in dyads, teams, and organizations. We illustrate how psychological safety can be enhanced: At the individual level we highlight the importance of generous inferences (assuming the best of each other) and curiosity; at the team level we highlight the importance of huddles, check-ins, and debriefs to build connection; at the organizational level we highlight the role of culture and formal incentives in shaping psychological safety.

The talk will be prerecorded, with Dr. Rudolph and Dr. Roussin joining after the prerecorded session for a live Q + A period.

The Hospital Authority is a statutory body which manages all of Hong Kong’s public service hospitals. Since 1993, the Hospital Authority has organized an annual convention to promote the sharing of experience among healthcare professionals. The 2021 Annual Convention, which took place online, reached a record high of over 6,000 registrants. More information about the convention can be found here: