Jenny Rudolph to Lead NASA Engineering and Safety Center Webcast

Blog - Jenny Rudolph to Lead NASA Engineering and Safety Center Webcast

Jenny Rudolph will present, “Getting Better at Getting Better: Caring and Candor in Feedback Conversations” during a live webcast with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Engineering and Safety Center (NESC). The webcast is open to the public and will stream live on May 14th at 2:00PM (EDT). 

To view the webcast live or on-demand, please visit: 

Prior to the meeting (recommended but optional): 

  1. Go to the event page 
  1. Set a reminder for the event by clicking on “Add to Calendar”  
  1. View the presentation by clicking on “Download Slides” 
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About the presentation: 

Simultaneously improving performance and relationship in feedback conversations can be challenging. It is easier to focus just on performance (with confronting feedback that can harm the relationship) or just on the relationship (by sugar-coating the feedback). This session draws on cross-industry insights from research on learning from accident and error in high-hazard chemical processing and nuclear power, and on feedback and debriefing challenges in clinical care. The session illuminates 1) why it is so hard to hold the polarities of candor and caring at the same time, 2) the internal “ninja mind-training” needed to do so, and 3) a method of advocating for one’s own point of view while exploring other people’s that can be used advance learning and performance in conversation or email. The session blends didactic and experiential approaches to understanding and mastering the approach. 

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