MGH Hosts June 14 Boston Simulation Community Meeting

Combined Boston Simulation Community Monthly Meeting
and CIMIT Boston Simulation Consortium Quarterly Meeting
Tuesday June 14, 2016 5:30-7:00PM

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
55 Fruit Street
Founders Building
Founders 130
Boston, MA 02114

Please join us Tuesday, June 14, 2016 5:30-7:00PM for a special combined Boston Simulation Community and CIMIT Boston Simulation Consortium Quarterly Meeting hosted at the Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit Street, Boston MA 02114 by Jim Gordon MD, MPA and colleagues. The meeting will be held in the Founders 130 Room, located on the first floor of MGH within the Founders Building at 55 Fruit Street, Boston MA 02114. Click here for a map of MGH Main Campus. There’s a sign in the Founders hallway with an arrow pointing down the hall that says, “Emergency Services Training Room”. The room itself is at the end of the hallway, on the right, and is labeled “Founders 130”.

At this meeting, we will learn about:

  1. Heart rate monitoring as a surrogate marker for stress and/or competence, Presenter: Roy Phitayakorn, MD MHPE (MEd) FACS at Massachusetts General Hospital
  2. Teaching anesthesia in Western Kenya. Presenter: Puneet Sayal, MD, Anesthesia Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and Tao Shen, MD, Anesthesia Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. NOTE: Puneet Sayal will be presenting on behalf of he and Tao Shen, both of whom are CA3 residents at MGH DACCPM.
  3. A Competency-based Approach to High Stakes Simulation Assessment of Resuscitation Skills in EM Trainees, Presenter: J. Damon Dagnone Msc MD FRCPC MMEd, CBME Faculty Lead, Postgraduate Medical Education, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Queen’s University, Canada.
  4. CIMIT-Boston Simulation Consortium: Member/Project Updates, Presenter: Jim Gordon, MD MPA at Massachusetts General Hospital

Roy Phitayakorn, MD MHPE (MEd) FACSRoy Phitayakorn, MD MHPE (MEd) FACS, has a clinical practice in general and endocrine surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital and is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. He is also the Director of Surgical Education Research at the MGH and the Surgical Lead for Strategic Initiatives and Operations at the MGH Learning Laboratory. Dr. Phitayakorn also has a Masters degree in Medical Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago (MHPE). Finally, Dr. Phitayakorn is an external consultant for the American Board of Surgery and a faculty member for several national medical education courses and institutions including the Harvard Macy Institute, the ACS Surgeons as Educators course, and the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston.

Puneet Sayal, MDPuneet Sayal, MD is an anesthesiology resident at MGH about to complete his residency this week. He completed medical school at the George Washington University in DC and is headed to MD Anderson in Houston for a chronic pain fellowship.


Tao Shen, MDTao Shen, MD is an anesthesiology resident at MGH finishing her residency this week. She completed medical school at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and is staying at MGH for combined ICU and cardiac anesthesia fellowships.


Dr. J Damon Dagnone MD, FRCPC, MScDr. J Damon Dagnone MD, FRCPC, MSc, MMed is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Queen’s University where he is immersed in numerous academic activities. This includes simulation-based assessment, postgraduate resuscitation skills training, inter-professional team training, and curriculum design. Dr. Dagnone is the creator and ongoing director of the Queen’s University Simulation Olympics competition and the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Simulation Olympiad national competition.

More recently in 2015, Dr. Dagnone was appointed the CBME Faculty Lead for Postgraduate Medical Education at Queen’s University. This role involves directing the transition to CBME based curriculums for all 28 postgraduate specialty-training programs within the School of Medicine by July of 2017.

Dr. Dagnone’s primary research interests include the development and validation of competency-based assessment tools for Emergency Medicine trainees, the development and implementation of a simulation-based resuscitation skills curriculum, and creating capacity for institutional change at Queen’s University for the CBME transition.

In 2012, Dr. Dagnone was the recipient of the Queen’s Faculty of Health Sciences Education Award. He graduated with his MD from the University of Western Ontario, completed his Fellowship in Emergency Medicine and Master of Science degree at Queen’s University, and attained a Masters degree in Medical Education from the University of Dundee in Scotland.

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About The Boston Simulation Community Research and Education Meetings

The meetings provide a friendly and informal venue for simulation educators and researchers to present work-in-progress, problem solve and share best practices, acquaint each other with relevant ideas from other disciplines and connect with others. We generally (but not always) meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Please join us!