Monday’s CMS Workshops at IMSH 2024

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Blog - Monday’s CMS Workshops at IMSH 2024

Welcome back to San Diego for #IMSH2024! Here are all the workshops including Center for Medical Simulation faculty taking place on Monday, January 22, 2024. Please also join us at our trade booth during the open show floor hours!

Monday, January 22, 2024


10:00 – 11:00 am Sessions

An Effective Way to Use Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

First Presenter: Rebecca Minehart | Co-Presenters: Roxane Gardner, Jenny Rudolph

Debriefing the Unthinkable: Phased Separation of Emotions and Practice in Simulation

First Presenter: Aaron Lacy | Co-Presenters: Alexander Croft, Tina Chen, Nicole Novotny. Rami Ahmed, Jennifer Reyes Lin, Jenny Rudolph, Ernesto Romo


11:00 am – 2:00 pm Sessions

Multimedia Scenario Editor for Simulation and Debriefing (Exhibit Hall)

First Presenter: Rebecca Minehart | Co-Presenters: Fernando Salvetti, Barbara Bertagni, Roxane Gardner, Jenny Rudolph

A 3D Printed Simulated Training Defibrillator (Exhibit Hall)

First Presenter: Dan Raemer

2:00 – 3:30 pm

Speed Mentoring: A Networking Event with Leaders in Simulation Healthcare

First Presenter: Donna McDermott | Co-Presenters: Sean Cavanaugh, Kirsty Freeman, Melissa Lowther, Tiffany Moadel, Jared Kutzin, Ambrose Wong, Rami Ahmed, Marc Auerbach, Grace Ng


2:00 PM: New Special Session! The SSH Articles of Influence session will be held including CMS coauthors of “Teaching, coaching, or debriefing With Good Judgment: a roadmap for implementing “With Good Judgment” across the SimZones,” and “Leading change in practice: how ‘longitudinal prebriefing’ nurtures and sustains in situ simulation programs.”


4:00 – 5:30pm Sessions

Harnessing DASH to Recognize and Categorize Debriefing Skills for Self and Faculty Development

First Presenter: Lon Setnik | Co-Presenters: Suzan Kardong-Edgren, Seon Yoon Chung, Britlyn Orgil, Gabriel Reedy, Christopher Roussin

SSH Anesthesia Section Presents: Advances in Simulation Education – A Panel Presentation

First Presenter: Tim Webb | Co-Presenters: Erin Blanchard, Faiza Khan, Greta Mitzova-Vladinov, Clark Obr. Britlyn Orgil, Chris Simmons

Submitting a Compelling Grant Proposal

First Presenter: Asit Misra | Co-Presenters: Vivian Obeso, Ivette Motola, Bary Issenberg, Jeffrey Groom. Ross Scalese, Evelyn Anzardo

Preparing Your CHSE-A Portfolio: Strategies for Success

First Presenter: Linda Wilson | Co-Presenters: Penni Watts, Pooja Nawathe. Alaina Herrington, Tonya Schneidereith