Qian Jun “QJ” Tong: Inspiration Through Simulation

Blog - Qian Jun “QJ” Tong: Inspiration Through Simulation

Everybody cringes at cliches. However, I found one that was really apt to sum up my stint at Center for Medical Simulation (CMS): “Arrive Curious, Leave Inspired.”

I had set out with the idea that perhaps there could be more to simulation than “just playing with plastic dolls”( if I may steal the quote from Dan Raemer). Instead, I am going to leave CMS with not only  more knowledge in the  principles in simulation training, but also in greater fields of psychology, medical education and patient safety. I was exposed to ideals such as “the medical practitioner’s first  procedure shouldn’t be on a live patient”, and that the old adage of “see one, do one, teach one” should be laid to rest in both medical education and faculty development.

I am grateful for the opportunity to watch all of CMS’ faculty and staff in their element, seeing how hard they work behind the scenes while seeming to effortlessly wave their wands of change to bestow advice, while pushing the envelope in the realm of simulation. They really exemplify the need for a clear message with attention to details, in order to engage the learners.

I have benefited greatly through the mentorship I have received from everyone and the wonderful experience of immersion at CMS. Though I’m leaving with a heavy heart, I’m kept buoyant by the eager thought of applying what I have learned and to share that knowledge with my colleagues. Till we meet again!

There once was a boy from sunny Singapore
Of simulation he yearned to learn and so much more
So off on his quest, he journeyed to the West
Braving the cold, he found CMS

Practicing Good Judgement with A/I
Not forgetting a good dose of curiosity in asking why
He met new friends and mentors
Lots of people to whom he would hate to say goodbye

Alas, the time has flown
Soon the winds will chill the bone
But warm memories of CMS and Boston he will share
With friends and family waiting back at home