Top 5 Most Listened to Episodes of DJ Simulationistas

Blog - Top 5 Most Listened to Episodes of DJ Simulationistas

In honor of DJ Simulationistas..Sup?  hitting 10,000 listens, we’re counting down the most listened to episodes of CMS’ flagship podcast. Janice Palaganas and Dan Raemer, CMS faculty and thought leaders in the field of healthcare simulation, discuss the pressing issues in the field, interview expert guests, tell jokes, and dissemble on a variety of topics.


#5: Seven Words You Can’t Say in Simulation

Episode 4: Dan and Janice discuss words they find frustrating in simulation, and riff on an old George Carlin routine. Also: the origins of the Voice of God, to hyphenate or not to hyphenate, how to help with the simulation comedown, and more!


#4: The #1 Skill in Simulation

Episode 14: Janice and Dan bring you the #1 skill that you can take back to patient care from simulation. Also: how to interrupt a doctor so that allied health workers can speak their minds, and the lightbulb moment for operating room teams.


#3: The Upset Participant

Episode 19: Janice and Dan return to their discussion from two weeks ago about debriefer self-rescue to ask one more question: how do you save your debriefing when something you did sets off a participant?


#2: The Problem of (Un)Certainty

Episode 21: A split-second decision needs to get made in the ER. Two people have different ideas. How do you make a decision? An incident with Janice’s daughter forced Dan & Janice to consider the problem of “certainty.”


#1: Demons of Debriefing

Episode 17: Dan & Janice explore how to “chillax” in a stressful debriefing, Dan admits his fatal flaw, and the team explores how to deal with “resident hubris.” Also: the importance of naming your demons, debriefing self-rescue, notes on triple-loop learning, and how having a good partner can get you through the toughest debriefing.


All episodes of DJ Simulationistas…Sup? are available on SoundCloud and iTunes.