Upcoming Debriefer Rater Training Workshops using DASH©

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Debriefing clinical simulation experiences is increasingly understood as a crucial step in clarifying and consolidating insights and lessons from simulations. CMSDASH is designed to assist in evaluating and developing debriefing skills. It evaluates the strategies and techniques used to conduct debriefings by examining concrete behaviors. The DASH is based on evidence and theory about how people learn and change in experiential contexts, and is designed to allow assessment of debriefings from a variety of disciplines and courses, varying numbers of participants, a wide range of educational objectives, and various physical and time constraints. Previous participants in the rater training have said they find it very useful in providing feedback to debriefers or formally assessing their debriefing skills.

CMS will be conducting DASH Rater Training Workshops online in a webinar format on:

These workshops rely on active involvement from participants as you observe and rate three debriefing videos. The tuition for the workshop is $375 US Dollars. If you are interested in attending a workshop, please apply for a DASH Rater Training Workshop today!

For more information about the DASH Rater Training Workshop, visit our website or contact Gary M. Rossi, COO by email or call 617.726.3041.