Yasmine Tameze: Overcoming Simulation Stress

Blog - Yasmine Tameze: Overcoming Simulation Stress

Yasmine Tameze (front left) is a resident in Anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. She spent the month of April at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) on an elective rotation. The goal of the rotation program is to expose residents to the potential and operational use of simulation for education, clinical training, and research. Over the course of the month, residents develop simulation scenarios including patient records, plot, setup, debriefing notes, and references. 

My month at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) was nothing short of eye-opening. As an anesthesiology resident, we are required to be participating in simulation scenarios about once a year.  Before my rotation at CMS, simulation was not my favorite activity. Being a participant in these once-a-year scenarios caused a lot of stress. It wasn’t until last month that I finally understood the complexity that goes into planning and especially debriefing the scenarios. In fact, through the Comprehensive Instructor Workshop at CMS, that I had the privilege to attend during my month, I realized that simulation is not about “solving the puzzle,” but being able to conduct and participate in a productive debriefing session.

The Comprehensive Instructor Workshop also allowed me to see how simulation is done all over the country (and world), in addition to making great connections personally and interprofessionally. I highly recommend the class! The faculty and staff were great and very key in making this experience unforgettable.

Spending a month at the CMS was a great experience and taught me skills that I believe will be very useful as an educator. I can finally say my fear of simulation is gone!

-Yasmine Tameze, MD