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Jenny Rudolph: Helping Without Harming

You’ve been resuscitating the patient for hours and finally caught up with volume. You come back on your next shift only to find your colleague has been diuresing them all day.

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22 Minutes

How Organizations Can Pursue Racial Equity
with Erica Gabrielle Foldy, PhD

Erica Gabrielle Foldy, PhD, explains a few guidelines for how organizations can pursue racial equity…

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2 minutes 7 seconds
Faculty Development, Healthcare Simulation, Research

The 50% Simulation Study

Episode # 79

THE 50% SIM STUDY: Apologies for the poor audio quality in this episode, which was recorded on the r…

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Debriefing, Healthcare Simulation, Research

100% Adoption. 35% Mortality Reduction. $7,000,000 / Year.
A Talk with Michael Rose & Kate Hilton

Episode #

100% of OR Teams using a checklist and conducting debriefs. Mortality rates dropped by 35%.

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Healthcare Simulation, Research

Rapid Response with Michael DeVita

Episode # 78

“Distress is in the Eye of the Beholder”: Michael DeVita, former president of the Societ…

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Name/Claim/Aim© is a crisis resource management mnemonic used to help teams quickly organize and ap…

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Creating an Interprofessional Virtual Community of Practice: Lessons Learned

Alternative text – include a link How to Cite: Palaganas, J.C., Gardner, R., & J.

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Debriefing, Faculty Development, Healthcare Simulation, Research

Top 5 Foundational Papers in Simulation Literature – Ben Symon

“Ben Symon presents an overview of five medical education papers that support theoretical unde…

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25 Minutes
Feedback, Healthcare Simulation, Research

The Science of Speaking Up with Melanie Barlow

Episode # 62

SPEAK UP SCIENCE: Melanie Barlow joins Dan & Janice to discuss her PhD research on the science o…

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Healthcare Simulation, Research

The New Algorithm

Episode # 59

NEW ALGORITHM: Talking drug research & the new ACLS guidelines with Dan Raemer & Janice Pala…

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Healthcare Simulation, Research

Healthcare Silos with Angela Aristidou

Episode # 54

HEALTHCARE SILOS: Angela Aristidou joins a solo Janice Palaganas (Dan is on vacation) to discuss her…

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Assessment, Debriefing, Faculty Development, Feedback, Healthcare Simulation, Research

The Basic Assumption™

The Basic Assumption™ is a core value that the Center for Medical Simulation developed and practic…

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CMS Journal Club: 5 Articles from American Psychologist to Improve Your Team

Episode # 8

THE SCIENCE OF TEAMS: Join the CMS crew as we discuss 5 articles from American Psychologist which ca…

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The Delicate Art of Journal Review (ft. Jenny Rudolph)

Episode # 036

Jenny Rudolph joins Dan & Janice to discuss best practices for journal review, how to get yourse…

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28 Mins
Faculty Development, Research

Education Titration

Episode # 008

Dan and Janice explore educational models for spaced learning in healthcare education.

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14 Minutes
Assessment, Feedback, Research

Micro-Express Yourself!

Episode # 005

Janice experiments on her children with facial recording software, and finds some unexpected results…

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23 Minutes

Low-Hanging Research Fruit

Episode # 026

Dan & Janice take the true measure of what it means to do research.

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15 Minutes
Healthcare Simulation, Research

Pervasive Myths of Simulation

Episode # 018

Dan & Janice examine some of the pervasive myths that they have encountered in their time in the…

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20 Minutes
Assessment, Certification, Debriefing, Feedback, Research

DASH Rater’s Handbook (en)

DASH Rater’s Handbook provides instructions and example instructor behaviors to assist in rating.

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