Alette Svellingen: A Pathway to Research

Blog - Alette Svellingen: A Pathway to Research

“The experience was so rich,” says Alette Svellingena Lecturer and a PhD student at VID Specialized University in Bergen, Norway.  Alette spent four months at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) as a visiting International Scholar. During her time at CMS, Alette was able to work on her doctoral thesis while researching simulation and decision-making from the nursing student’s perspective.  

Alette’s clinical background is in cardiac intensive care nursing, having previously worked at Haukeland University Hospital.  Her research work is part of “Education for the future in a changing health landscape”, a research project funded by The Research Council of Norway.  Alette had the opportunity to present her research at the Boston Simulation Community Meeting in June. Her work, “The effectiveness of multiple exposures in scenario-based simulation – an integrative review, was presented to educators, clinicians, and simulation professionals from around Boston.  

For Alette, having the chance to observe simulations and debriefings at CMS was invaluable for her research. In addition to connecting with CMS faculty and staff, Alette had the opportunity to work alongside fellows from Belgium, France, and Saudi Arabia.  

Although her time at CMS was short, Alette feels like she has created a lasting network of colleagues and friendsHer family has especially become enamored with Boston life: “They don’t want to leave,” laughs Alette. 

Alette is now part of a global community of simulation leaders who have completed a fellowship at CMSTo learn more about applying to the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) Simulation Fellowship and International Scholars Program, please visit: