CMS Returning to Singapore for Two Simulation Courses

Blog - CMS Returning to Singapore for Two Simulation Courses

“It’s a rare opportunity to have two senior CMS faculty working with a local leader in simulation, explains Mary Fey, PhD, RN. It creates a well-rounded teaching team that combines deep understanding of the pedagogy of simulation, with uptodate clinical knowledge and knowledge of the local culture. 

Dr. Fey and Walter Eppich, MD, PhD will be leading two Simulation as a Teaching Tool (SATT) courses at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in spring 2020. They will be teaching alongside Dr. Suresh Pillai, MBBS, FRCS Ed, Director of the Healthcare Simulation Centre at NUS.   

Our experiences in the past at NUS have been so positive. The course participants are always so engaged and thoughtful,” says Dr. Fey. While most participants are from Singapore, we also have participants from other parts of the Asia Pacific region, and it exciting to be able to work with people from so many different cultures. 

“We had one course in which we spent a good deal of time discussing how Debriefing with Good Judgment (DWGJ) fit in with non-western cultures.  It was fascinating and rewarding to collaborate with the learners in discovering how the fundamental elements of DWGJ (the Basic Assumption, frames, conversational strategies) still guide deep reflective learning, even when used a bit differently than they might be in western cultures.”    

This will be the third year in a row that Drs. Fey and Eppich have teamed up to teach the four-day SATT course in Singapore. Asked what makes this team work so well together, Dr. Fey explains:  

“Our respect for each other, and our dedication to our workWalter has been a mentor to me since I took CMS’ Advanced Instructor Course in 2010. He has a deep understanding of human cognition and education, seen through a socio-cultural lens. This allows him to be open to whatever may happen during the course simulations and debriefings, and respond with understanding and solid educational approaches to problems.  He is constantly modeling a learner-centered approach that is based on curiosity and respect. I always learn when I teach with Walter. He’s also a fun travel partner! 

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